The Wellness collection, with its 3 distinct varieties of tea and 3 tea soaps, is a comprehensive care proposal.

Tea for the morning. Enjoy Good Morning, an alternative caffeine-free drink to start your day with energy!

Tea for the whole day. Oolong tea helps especially with heartburn and in combination with a proper diet is the ideal drink for weight loss.

Evening tea. Relaxation Herbs help the body and mind to rest after a busy day.

Enjoy your tea every day, in the porcelain mug with the elaborate saucer.

We combined all of the above with the Astraia beauty line, the natural, handmade care products from the Czech Republic, containing green tea. Hand soap. Contains extracts and leaves of Japanese Sencha Satsuma tea. Astraia hand soap offers deep pore cleansing, prevents hands from drying out and helps keep them soft. Body soap. With extracts of Japanese Sencha Satsuma tea, Astraia’s cream soap helps blood circulation, cleans pores and rejuvenates skin cells. It does not contain artificial foaming agents, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Shampoo. A natural product with extracts of Japanese Sencha Satsuma tea that protects the skin from free radicals and gives shine and vitality to the hair. Panthenol and wheat protein strengthen and give flexibility to the hair. After washing, they are rich and easy to comb. Ideal for normal hair.

The collection includes 50g pleasant start, 100g oolong, 50g relaxation herbs, 1 soap 100g, 1 shampoo 250ml, 1 body soap 250ml and a tea mug with saucer.

Wellness Collection