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The company and the consumer are bond in the correct use of the website in good faith.
To have full access to you need to activate in your browser, javascript language and cookie enable. Ideally a latest edition of Chrome, Mozilla, Internet explorer or any other web browser.
We recommend the latest versions as well as Adobe flash Player.
The guest/shopper/member of acknowledges and agrees with that by using certain services of one must have to download upgraded programs. The company reserves the right to pause or stop the operation of without any notice and the consumer agrees in total.
In any event, the User / Consumer / Visitor / Member undertakes and agrees that they will not use for sending, publishing, e-mailing or transmitting in any other way any illegal, threatening, harmful, offensive, slanderous, annoying, vulgar, defamatory, or obscene content, as well as any other content that is in violation of another’s privacy, may harm minors in any way, show empathy, or express nationality, racial, or other discrimination, infringes any patent, is not permitted to be transmitted in accordance with the law or contractual or management relationships (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements); trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties, contains software viruses or any other codes, files, or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy, or equip any computer software or hardware. , intentionally or unintentionally violates applicable Greek and EU law and its provisions, may harass third parties in any way and any Content used for collection or storing personal data about other users.
The company is daily responsible for the correct and accurate publication of all information regarding the products it promotes and promotes by However, our company is not responsible for any errors that may occur as a result of the operation of the online store, the information displayed (such as indicative price, availability, photography, item, etc.) that may be indicative of technological failures and errors, typographical and / or “human” errors and / or incorrect information from suppliers, even if it is the company neglect.
Should you find any error before and / or after completing your order, we would ask you to e-mail us at info @ and / or contact us at tel. 2103631472. if you find an error, we urge you not to send an order request before notifying our company to clarify this issue.
Our trading strategy and pricing policy are fully in line with regulations for healthy competion. For this reason, the prices of products sold at may be different from other similar products sold at other outlets, since our company occasionally makes product offers or other promotional actions whenever it deems necessary to achieve its business goals.
Our company has the exclusive right to change the price of any product at any time without cause and without notice.


All content of is the property of the Company and is protected by national and international law and international intellectual property conventions. Indicative we refer to the texts, all kinds of files, trade marks / logos, the layout of, programs, photos, designs, commercial and financial information, etc. Those which are not copyrighted by our company are copyrights of third parties such as suppliers etc. All or partial copying, distributing, reproducing, storing, republishing, processing, transferring, modifying and any related action on the above data without the express prior written consent of the company is expressly prohibited . Any actions that contravene the above prohibition may constitute an infringement of our company’s intellectual / industrial property rights. The Company expressly reserves all legal right to claim any positive and consequential damages caused to it. The company has the ability to commercially exploit (either by itself or by third parties) all of the information displayed on as well as modify such information at any time it wishes with or without prior notice to users – consumers – members of “” , who fully accept the above possibility of the company.


Our company takes every possible action to get your complete and correct information. As a result, our company is not responsible if any of its, contractual or legal obligations are not properly/on time fulfilled due to the incorrect delivery of your personal information.
In particular, any notice that will be sent to the email address you have given us (eg lack of product availability, etc.) will be considered valid even if it is not delivered to you due to an error in the information you provided. The same applies to the communication and shipping address of the products as well as the communication phones. In any case, you are required to update your information every time a change occurs.
For your convenience and ease of your future purchases we recommend that you register as users of ‘’ (log in) when you first send an order request to our company, so to open an account with us and create a user profile (Full name, gender and date of birth) using your unique usernames and passwords. When you register as a registered user, the company may install and you will accept, a session cookies system solely for your identification and your transactions in order to create your customer history which appears on your personal page and is visible only to you. The above session cookies are intended solely to help you better manage your profile and your transactions so that you do not have to disclose your details every time you visit Session cookies are deleted as soon as you are logged out as a registered user.
Our company only collects the personal information needed, exclusively in the context of trading with and communicating with you to complete the transaction between us. In any case, you have the option of having complete access to your data as well as to request the deletion of your information. You are also entitled to exercise at any time all of your legal rights under Articles 11-13 of ν. 2472/1997. In any case, however, your information is retained by our company only for as long as you are a registered user of and / or for the duration of your transactions with us and are deleted at once when you delete your account or complete your transaction as a guest.
Your personal data are being handled solely by our company and will never be shared to a third party with the exception of: i) the data concerning the execution and completion of e-payments by credit card and ii) the data that are essential to execute your order by our cooperating companies.
The total of your data is protected and managed according to the terms and conditions of Greek law (v.2472/1997) and our company fully complies with the rules of the particular law. Also the data, the personal details and transaction are being held under the confidential values of communications (electronic or not) and trade transactions and all necessary actions are being made to ensure confidentiality of them during execution and transmission of trades.
The user/client/member of will also have to secure the confidentiality of data and never disclose to third parties (even by neglect) their personal data. Change of password is recommended regularly. The company can not be held responsible for any violation of the terms above by the user/client/member of Finally upon completion of your order you are accepting unconditionally the mailing (automated or personalized) of messages to your electronic address or even a phone communication by employees of our company.


Our company takes care of all necessary actions (encryption etc.) which concern the safety of personal data and transactions. In particular our company works with Let’s Encrypt, a company which encrypts any data the user is inserting in 128bit form for security reasons. The data of users are not being notified to third parties and during browsing in our website are kept encrypted thus not visible to third not authorized parties. Encryption takes place in all steps of your interaction with (wish list, cart, personal page, order sheet etc.).
During the payment process by credit card, the data are being protected with 128bit encryption method. Data remain encrypted and never shared with third parties. Codes that are used for identification are: 1) entry code (e-mail or username) and 2) password, which are providing access but also complete security for your personal data. These codes can be altered by you at any time you wish to.
The only one who has access to your personal data is you through the codes above, therefore you are responsible for keeping them secret and not sharing with 3rd parties. In the chance of loss or leak you should notify immediately, or our company is not held responsible by use of your account by an unauthorized person.
We recommend, for security reasons, for you to change the codes regularly and avoid the use of same and easily identified codes by using not only numbers or letters but symbols as well.