Easy Tease – Enjoy tea anywhere!

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Tea as the 2nd most popular beverage after water is the essential daily pleasure for millions of people worldwide.

Its beneficial properties for the human body are well-known and everyone adds it to their diet, either less or more!

Easy Tease came to cover the impossibility of drinking tea in places and spaces where either the lack of water or the absence of utensils made consumption impossible.

Creating the most natural extract.

  • 5g. of tea leaves become 0.6g. of tea extract.
  • With all the antioxidant properties of tea.
  • Soluble in hot or cold water.
  • No additives.
  • Without preservatives.
  • Sugar free.
  • 100% natural tea.

The way to prepare it is very simple. You empty the bag into a glass or bottle of water (reusable ideally) and shake for a few seconds.

Choose between 9 flavors and enjoy natural tea everywhere!

Choose between 9 flavors and discover the new way of making tea wherever you are!

In the table below you will see the measurements in relation to classic loose leaf tea.

Now you can enjoy your tea wherever you are. Discover the flavors here: EASY TEASE