Payment Methods


You can choose any of the proposed paying ways we use.
First decide the one you prefer. Then choose it in the part of the form when it is requested and add the needed data.
We remind you that our company follows a strict policy of personal data regarding the payment details you will send and everything is processed with full security and only after your approval which comes when you send the order.

i. Cash on Delivery (COD) – Only for Greece
Payment when you receive the order. When the courier reaches you, you pay the cost of the order to them. COD cost is 2,50€ (two euros and fifty cents). (Only for Greece).
ii. Credit or Debit card payment.
We accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. 100% secure transaction.
iii. PayPal payment
Payment with PayPal takes place under the strict rules that apply in PayPal.
iv. Payment with Bank account deposit. Only for Greece
You have the ability to pay for your order by depositing the amount in one of our bank accounts. In that case the order is approved and sent, only when we verify the deposit. Please mention the order number in your deposit details.