Tea 101 – The First Sip

Every great journey begins with a single step


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The journey to the world of tea begins from the first cup, the first sip you will enjoy!

From the discovery in China in 2737b.C. until today, tea is the most known beverage after water.

Taste all main tea varieties and find your favourite, among them.

Green tea.

You can enjoy it all day long. Light and healthy, full of catechins and antioxidants that help our bodys better function. If this becomes your favourite, you will find many green and green flavoured teas. Young Hyson green tea, in this box, belongs in the most known varieties, it is easy to drink and is also considered an ideal base for flavoured teas. Prepare it correctly, water in 80°C and 3′ brewing time.

Black tea.

By far 1st in consumption globally. It is the ideal morning infusion for the morning, it offers energy for many hours. If black tea becomes your favourite, you would have chosen well. Thousands of varieties of black and black flavoured tea to choose from. Earl Grey tea in this collection is by far the most known black flavoured tea. Enjoy it at 90°C and brewing time 4′. Optionally you can add a sweetener or milk.

White tea.

A favourite afternoon habit. Light with unique taste, its leaves go through the minimum process. It is considered a green tea sub category, since their flavour
is often similar. Choose it if you need a tasty and relaxing infusion for the afternoon. The combinations with fruits and flowers elevate its flavour and aromas. White Angel is the most favourite of our white tea collection. Brew it in 75-80°C water for 3′ No need for sweeteners or milk. It has a pleasant, subtle taste.

Oolong tea.

The variety that floats between black and green tea. Its process divides it in 2 major categories. Low fermented (with greener leaves and subtle flavour) and high fermented (with darker leaves and stronger flavour). By choosing to add Oolong to your life you will gain well being, fat burn and a daily delight. Oolong Mlesna we chose for this collection is one of the finest teas of the category. Brew your tea for 3-4′ you will have a perfect cup.

Red tea.

Although it comes from a different plant, red tea or rooibos is considered one of the most rapidly spreading beverages worldwide. Strong flavour, without caffeine, full of vitamin C, in rooibos, you will find a tasty infusion for all day long. You can enjoy it plain or in many different combinations with flavours, fruits, flowers and spices. Rooibos Spicy red is the perfect first choice to taste this unique infusion. Prepare it at 100 °C brewed for 5+ minutes. Does not need any sweeteners.

In the collection you will also find:

  • 2 ceramic mugs from Zero Japan
  • 1 box of single use paper filters.
  • 1 tea timer to brew your teas.

Tea 101 - The First Sip