Connoisseur’s Collection – Summer Lovin’

Feel The Taste of Summer



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The ideal summer gift for a loved one…who loves tea!

Our Summer Lovin’ Collection has it all!

A tea maker, an iced tea recipe book, a triple hour glass, unique teas and a beautifl thermos available in 3 colors to choose from.

1. Tea maker: It is very practical and will help you create an iced tea quick and easy. It can be used on any mug, glass, cup or thermos!

2. Triple hourglass: The correct brewing time offers the best taste result. Make any tea you like, just choose the sand that represents it!

3. 4 tea varieties: Packed in elegant tea caddies, the 4 teas of Summer Lovin will make you love tea even more! (100gr little prince, 100gr strawberry- orange green tea, 100gr lemon black tea, 50gr summer moon white tea).

4. Colored thermos: Small & practical, you can have it with you at all times and enjoy your tea creations everywhere! Made with stainless steel.An exclusive gift for all iced tea & summer lovers!See the collection here!

Connoisseur's Collection - Summer Lovin'