The country that gave birth to tea. Varieties and choices China offers us are endless. We chose 3 of the most characteristic varieties of green, green scented and white tea and combined then with a unique tea set in order to create this exclusive collection.

Long Jing 1st Grade

It is considered one of the 10 famous teas of China. Plucking and process are made
solely by hand. Its quality leaves remain in the water, you can enjoy a 2nd infusion with them.

Silver Τip

The silver tips of the tea plant, plucked one by one offer a unique taste experience that changes according to the brewing time. The most famous white tea. Don’t forget to enjoy the 2nd and 3rd infusion, using the same leaves.

Jasmine Dragon Tears

Using the 2 leaves and a bud, along with a jasmine flower, these tea balls are
created. It is manufactured every Spring when jasmines bloom. Simply unique.
Enjoy the 2nd and 3rd infusion.

The collection also contains:

  • A coconut shell spoon-dosager.
  • A traditional Chinese tea pot, green jade glaze.
  •  4 tea cups, each one with a unique character (turtle, koi fish, flower, water lily).

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The Jade Collection