Tea and beauty: Alternative uses of tea

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Tea is, apart from a uniquely beneficial drink for your health, an ally for your beauty.

Tea consumption is beneficial for your body while it promotes a shine and healthy skin. Below, we collected some of the most useful advice and uses of tea which we believe that you should try. You will be surprised by the results and your complexity will thank you for that.


There are several tea varieties and each one has its own unique properties. Green tea, however, is one of the most popular varieties used in beauty treatment. Green tea is an integral part of the Japanese culture and prominent for its health benefits. Either in matcha dust, or in the common tea bags, you can use it in several ways to take care of your skin.


Tea makes an amazing beauty ingredient. Below, you can find some recipes and alternative uses of it in order to integrate it into your daily beauty routine.

1. Face scrub for sensitive skin:

If you have sensitive skin you are already aware that you have to be very careful with the ingredients and products you use for your skin treatment. A very easy and unbelievably nutritional way of scrubbing is the tea leaves. Rub gently your face in order to remove dead cells and dust. Tea is smooth and it can be used on a daily basis, even on the most sensitive skin without causing irritation.

2. Restorative lotion:

Green tea is highly beneficial for the skin because of its antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-aging properties. It reduces irritations and redness as well as the acne. So, the following is a homemade restorative lotion with tea: In a small bottle mix half cup of green tea, add the juice from a half lemon, two table spoons of orange peel and two table spoons grapefruit peel. Shake well and refrigerate. Drain in another bottle and use it after the cleansing with some cotton wool. The combination of citrus fruit and green tea will restore your skin and will prepare it for a better absorption of your moisturizing cream.

3. Hydrating spray:

Another great way to use green tea is to soothe your body from sunburn, puffiness and irritation. You can easily make a body spray with green tea and cucumber. You will be immediately relieved, as the anti-inflammatory properties of tea act as a soothing medicine. This spray also offers rejuvenation on hot summer days and can be applied all year round to hydrate your skin.

4. Face mask based on tea:

You can make a moisturizing mask with tea and honey which will nourish your skin and make it unbelievably soft. What do you need to do? Dilute at least four tablespoons of honey with a little hot tea and apply the mixture for 10 minutes. Also to enhance any other type of mask, add some fresh green tea leaves to your favorite face mask and spread the mixture on your face. It is important to have thoroughly cleansed the skin and removed all traces of makeup. Leave the mask on for about 15-20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. The result will excite you as you will have a glowing and soft skin.

Another easy and quick mask for glowing skin that you can make is by using green tea, lemon juice and a few tablespoons of turmeric. The combination of these ingredients will offer a deep cleansing to your skin and immediate toning.

5. Tea bags and ice cubes of green tea for a well-rested look:

Green tea contains caffeine which reduces the swelling from the blood vessels. In addition, it has vitamin Κ, which is known to help in the elimination of black circles. You can make a small eye treatment with two tea bags of green tea. Soak them in boiling water for two minutes, remove the excess water and let them cool; then apply them on your eyes for 5 minutes. Also, if your eyes are swollen or irritated, by applying tea bags of green tea on your eyelashes you will be relieved immediately. First put the tea nags in boiling water and then let the tea bags cool completely or even better refrigerate them for about 15 minutes. When they cool down, lie down, close your eyes and put them on your eyelashes for 10 minutes. Another way to rest your eyes is by boiling green tea and after it has cooled down, put it in ice trays. These ice cubes can be used easily every time you feel your eyes swollen or tired. It is an easy and natural solution.

6. Steam with tea and its use instead of rosewater:

Tea, because of its properties, can replace rosewater in the beauty recipes with an equivalent amount of it. Tea is so gentle that it can be used even to the most sensitive skins without causing problems. Another use of it is to make steam with green tea. In a pot, boil green tea and stand on top of it so that the steam comes into contact with your skin. This process will rejuvenate your skin.

7. Tea bags and leaves for shiny hair:

For shiny and beautiful hair, after washing it with shampoo you can wash your hair with green tea. Let it on for 10 minutes and then rinse with plenty of cool water. Tea in combination with the chamomile can provide hydrated and more brightened hair in a natural way.

8. Tea for a relaxing bath:

A relaxing bath will unwind and refresh your energy. Mix green tea and orange juice to prepare bath salts, which have antioxidant and moisturizing properties. You can also boil green tea leaves with water, leave the liquid for a while and then add it to your bathtub. Relax for as long as you want and boost your body in the best way.


Nature and some of its herbs are truly amazing to the human body. Tea is one of them, and for many centuries it has stood out for its beneficial properties. Tea can greatly benefit your face and body skin. It offers boosting, shine and nourishment to your hair and can be used as a key ingredient in many beauty products. We hope these homemade alternative uses and recipes will surprise you with their results and make you love tea even more.

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