BRU Tea Maker – The first automatic tea maker

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Innovation in tea. Something we don’t hear very often.

We are pleased to announce that the new automatic tea making machine is arriving in Greece.

In collaboration with the Swiss company BRU, To Tsai – will soon and exclusively bring the machine that will change the way you prepare and enjoy your tea every day. Meet BRU MAKER ONE.

It will be here soon!



Why BRU?

We are here to bring innovation to the world of tea.

We respect the history of tea and appreciate the quality behind a great tea.

Our goal is to make things more convenient and consistent.

We are your tea friends. We are BRU.


Love drinking tea but hate the hassle of making it?

Introducing the innovative new machine, BRU Maker.

The world’s first automated tea machine that works with any type of tea.

The convenience of a capsule machine without the cost of capsules.

Your smart, user-friendly solution to making fresh, full-flavored tea, every time, using either leaves or tea bags.

Why is the BRU machine so unique?

The BRU MAKER ONE is not just a hot tea machine.


The time-consuming process of making tea is replaced by a more sustainable and

effortlessly repeatable, simple process.

BRU Maker One gives you full customization of brewing time, temperature and

amount of water.

You can easily check all the settings, which are saved to get the perfect cup of tea.

Always. Each. Time.

See in the video below how easy it is to use and how quickly you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea!


The BRU team has spent a lot of time evaluating many ideas to finalize the design, gone through many prototypes and done a lot of component testing to make sure we chose the best possible and most durable components to build her.

The outer panels of the body are made with mold injection technology.

The brewing chamber is made of lab grade borosilicate glass (just like Pyrex) and the attached outlet is made of food grade silicone. The BRU machine is covered by powerful technology patents covering our unique pinch valve technology inspired by the biotech industry. This technique is vital and simplifies the tea brewing process and the cleaning function of our tea maker.


The tea maker for home.

Discover the world of tea in your home.

  • Brew any variety
  • with the timer function, your favorite tea will be waiting for you every morning, without delay.

For the restaurant/cafe.

BRU is a viable option for your business.

  • No need to waste liters of hot water with a kettle.
  • You could be more flexible with your tea choices and
    save time for your baristas.

For the office.

BRU is a great addition to your office.
With app control, you can make sure tea is ready for everyone right before the break,
so you don’t waste time and energy using kettles.


Our story

The founders of BRU love tea and were looking for an easier way to make the perfect cup every time, with no hassle, no fuss.

Their solution offers something unique, a game changer in tea brewing. There is no other tea maker that combines the convenience of an automated capsule machine with a traditional, quality tea brewing process using any type of tea.

We worked closely with highly experienced industrial designers and an engineering firm specializing in consumer products to take our tea maker concept and make it a reality!

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