Clay Yixing Pots

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Yixing clay tea pots, also known as Zisha, are dated back to the 15th century in China. They are made from the famous purple clay of the Yixing region, in the east province Jiangsu and west of the great lake Taihu, an area rich in purple clay.

Note: zisha means purple sand.

Yixing teapots are exclusivily made by hand using traditional techiques that pass on from generation to generation. By using wooden molds and tools from horns, wood and bamboo, the craftsmen and craftswomen make these unique teapots.

The seal under secures the authenticity of the teapots. The teapots are also accompanied from a certificate signed by the craftsman/woman.

Preparation and use of teapots. (or mugs)

The uniqueness of the material demands a special way of preparing the teapots for usage. Unlike the rest of the teapots, it is preferable to only use 1 type of tea. Either black, green, white or oolong. Ideally a specific tea. Our favourite.

Clay as a material has “memory”. It asborbs flavors due to its porous surface. That results to asborbing tea aromas and giving better taste and flavor results. In theory after a lot of uses you can just add water and pour tea!

It takes time to perfectly prepare a clay teapot but it is worth it. We will need a pot that can fit our teapot, a tablespoon of our favourite tea, a clean towel and fresh water.

1. Place the teapot in the pot and fill with enough water to cover it, place the lid of the teapot in the bottom of the pot.

2. Add the tablespoon of tea, turn on the stove in mdium temperature and place the pot on it. Don’t put the lid on the pot.

3. After 1 hour turn of the stove and let the teapot inside for 24 hours.

4. When 24 hours pass, take out the teapot, rinse it with tap water and wipe it carefully with the towel.

5. Place the teapot again in the same pot with the tea and water.

6. Turn on the stove in medium temperature and place the top, leave it for 1 hour. Don’t put the lid on the pot.

7. After 1 hour turn off the stove and leave it for another 24 hours.

8. Take out the teapot, rinse it with lukewarm tap water and wipe it carefully with the towel.

It is now ready for use!

This process helps the clay absorb the tea aromas and “seal” them in the pores.

note: Use the same process for the clay mugs.


Don’t wash your teapot or teacup. It is not necessary and it “ruins” its balance.

Don’t put it in the dishwasher.

Don’t handwash it.

Don’t put soap inside.

Ideal cleaning:

After we finish our tea, we remove the leaves by hand or if they burn too much with a wooden spoon or chopsticks. Then rinse with (ideally lukewarm) tap water and leave it upside down (without a lid) until it dries. There is no need for additional cleaning since only one person is using it.

Yixing teapots are unique and their value rises over time. Clay teapot collection cost thousand of euro now, due to shortage of purple clay.

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