Iron Cast Tea Pots

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Iron cast teapots are a unique utensil, useful for any tea connoisseur. The available shapes and colours makes them stand out and their ability to maintain the temperature of tea for a longer time makes them an ideal tea pot.



Their story begins hundreds of years ago in Asia.

The first iron cast tea pots are called Tetsubin and are basically a water heating device and not a tea preparation device.

Tetsubin teapots first appeared in the 16th Century, around the same time as Sencha. They were designed to be placed on top of stoves or in the fireplace in order to heat water so to prepare tea or matcha. They also had the ability to warm a room during winter.

Original Tetsubin teapots are known for their endurance and elegant design. They also affect water flavor and quality due to the iron which they are made of. During the 19th Century they were mostly a status symbol than a practical household item.

Tetsubin teapots are still used (mostly in Japan) and constitute valuable pieces of history and aesthetics, passing from generation to generation.


Iron cast teapots used today are insired by the traditional Tetsubin and are called Tetsu Kyosu. You can find significant differences between them. Although they are made from iron, they also have an emanel coating inside which prevents rust. Due to enameling these pots are NOT suitable to heat water, they can’t be placed on a stove. As a result these teapots are ideal to prepare and serve tea from. The benefits of endirse and maintaining heat are also found in the new edition of Tetsubin.

In you can find a variety of colours and designs of the modern (enameled) iron cast tea pots.


Instruction guide

How to prepare tea in an iron cast teapot for use.

1. Add some hot water and with gentle round moves heat the teapot. When heated, dispense of the water. It is ready for use.

2. Use the strainer of the teapot to add your tea of choice.

3. Fill with hot water, in the temperature your tea requires. (Be careful, the body of the teapot is hot, so use the handle.

4. Brew the tea for the time needed and remove the strainer.

5. In case we use a tea that can be brewed more than once, repeat steps 3-4.

Useful tips to use and clean your teapot.
  • Before each use warm up the teapot. If not, our tea will lose temperature quicker. If this is not done then our tea will cool down faster and will affect the taste result
  • Afer every use we must rinse it with warm water and dry the inside. A soft cloth is reccomended for wiping.
  • Like in any teapot, we avoid soap or detergent and of course we never put it in the dishwasher.