Naturally the Best

A journey to the world of tea since 1983.

The Company

Mlesna is producing high quality teas for more than 35 years. Based in Colombo, capital city of Sri Lanka, the company is near the tea producing areas of the island.

Founder – Tea experts

The founder of Mlesna, Mr Anselm Perera, has more than 45 years of experience in tea tasting. 4 additional tea tasters - buyers with 20, 15, 6 and 5 years of experience complete the team. The company also owns a tea factory with expert personnel.

Shops - Cooperations

The company has 16 teahouses around Sri Lanka. Worldwide, from Japan to Canada and from Russia to Greece, Mlesna teas can be found in more than 40 countries.

Awards – Merits

83 awards and 10 merits for tea quality and packing. 9 world stars for superior quality and packing excellence. Superbrands ambassador for Sri Lanka.

Natural oil extracts

Oil extracts in tea are supposed to highlight the quality of the tea and not to hide poor quality. Mlesna only uses high quality NATURAL oil extracts to flavor the teas. After years of research the company found the ideal black and green tea that combine perfectly with the natural oil extracts and provide the correct taste and amazing aftertaste.


Mlesna can be proud to be one of the few companies worldwide that can enter “pure Ceylon tea” in its teas. Stating that the tea only comes from Sri Lanka and it is not a result of blends from different teas around the world. The result is the superior tea quality, the full flavor and the distinctive aroma.

Tea auctions

Every week, hundreds of samples arrive in Mlesna HQ from tea estates around the island. The expert tea tasters of Mlesna taste them and grade them. Finally they only buy the best qualities at the tea auctions.


Having the connoisseur in mind, respect in the product and a will to always produce high quality teas, Mlesna seeks to offer the world the best tea Sri Lanka has to offer.