Jade Collection – Discover China

Jade Collection. Limited edition.

The Collection that takes you back to Imperial China. All content is unique made and superior in quality.

The tea set, a 280ml Celadon Jade pot, along with 4 traditional cups of the same material, all bearing a special embossment on the bottom. A turtle, Koi fish, tea flower and water lily. A unique tea set, limited in numbers.

Jasmine Dragon Tears. Carefully selected tea leaves, hand rolled in small balls with a jasmine flower in the middle. A naturally scented tea, the jewel of our flavored tea collection. It is worth tasting the 2nd and 3rd brew, maybe even the 4th using the same leaves.

Long Jing. 1 of the 10 most famous Chinese teas. Carefully selected leaves, that go through a 9-pressure type process by hand in order to get their flat look. Don’t forget to taste the 2nd and 3rd infusion.

Silver Tip. The closed buds from the top of the plant, carefully plucked and left out to dry. This is a unique tea. Its silver color is a characteristic of freshness and quality. 2nd and 3rd infusion offer a strong cup as well.

Spoon dosager. Hand made from coconut shell.