Payment Methods

You can choose to pay for the products you are interested in buying one of the proposed ways that our company provides.
First you decide which payment process suits you. Then you select the corresponding payment method at the appropriate point in the form of your order request and finally enter your requested information.
We remind you that our company follows a strict policy of protection of your personal data and all the payment information you send to us is collected and processed in full security and diligence and only after your consent It is provided by sending the request of your order.

I. Delivery method.
Payment upon receipt of the order. When the courier's employee comes to your place, you pay the corresponding price in the product/s at the time of receipt (s). The cost for the delivery service is €2.50 (two euros and fifty cents). Only for Greece.
II. Payment by credit/debit card.
We accept Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards. 100% secure payment.
III. Payment via PayPal.
Payment with PayPal is made under the strict trading conditions imposed by the PayPal company which you can read here.
IV. Payment by bank deposit.
You have the option to pay your order with a deposit in our bank account. In this case, your order will be approved and shipped when our accounting department confirms the deposit.
For your convenience, please provide your order code when transferring the amount.