Spring plucked form WuYi mountains

Product Details

From tea plants that grow in Wuyi mountains in China, every new season the tea is plucked and then steamed and dried. The dried leaf looks like the paw of the white monkey. Also available in a 50gr metal caddie.

  • Mlesna
  • Pure Chinese Tea

FOR THE perfect cup of tea!


1 tea spoon, aprox. 2 gr for 250ml water.


The ideal water temperature is 80°C.

brewing time

Brew your tea for 3' for a perfect cup.

Enjoy it

Enjoy green tea without any sweetener.

We got you covered

For a perfect cup you need good quality tea. Black, Green, Oolong, White or Infusion. The necessary accessories. Tea pots and tea cups. To honor a friend, a fine tea gift.

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