Ideal for iced tea

Product Details

An organic Japanese matcha combined with cranberry flavor. Easy to prepare and ideal for the summer. In a practical 120gr tin. Ingredients: 8% organic matcha green tea, rice drink powder (rice, oat fiber, sunflower oil, salt), organic coconut blossom sugar, organic raw cane sugar, 3% cranberry flavouring, thickening agent: pectin.

  • Bio Cert
  • Pure Japanese Tea

FOR THE perfect cup of tea!


1 table spoon, aprox 10-12gr, for 500ml of water.


Tap or refrigerated water.

brewing time

Matcha latte mix dissoves in the water. It might need stirring while you drink it.

Enjoy it

Alternative enjoy it with 250ml water and 250ml milk (your choice) for a tasty iced latte.

We got you covered

For a perfect cup you need good quality tea. Black, Green, Oolong, White or Infusion. The necessary accessories. Tea pots and tea cups. To honor a friend, a fine tea gift.