Light smoky aftertaste

Product Details

Top-quality from the South Chinese district of Yunnan. A very well-worked tippy leaf with a soft «baky» flavour. Enjoy it plain. Also available in a 100gr metal caddie.

  • Pure Chinese Tea

FOR THE perfect cup of tea!


1 tea spoon, aprox. 2 gr for 250ml water.


The ideal water temperature is 90°C, just before boiling point.

brewing time

Brew your tea for 3-5' for a perfect cup.

Enjoy it

Black tea from China has an intense, yet pleasureful flavor and can be enjoyed either plain or with a sweetener.

We got you covered

For a perfect cup you need good quality tea. Black, Green, Oolong, White or Infusion. The necessary accessories. Tea pots and tea cups. To honor a friend, a fine tea gift.