25 tea bags of tea in wooden box

Product Details

Black BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings) tea from plantations 1500m above sea level combined with fruit and spices natural oil extracts, offer a mellow and tasty cup.

  • Mlesna
  • Pure Ceylon Tea
  • Superbrand
  • 150 Years Ceylon Tea

FOR THE perfect cup of tea!


1 Mlesna tea bag.


The ideal water temperature is 90°C, just before boiling point.

brewing time

Brew your tea for 3-5' for a perfect cup.

Enjoy it

Enjoy it plain or with the sweetener of your choosing.

We got you covered

For a perfect cup you need good quality tea. Black, Green, Oolong, White or Infusion. The necessary accessories. Tea pots and tea cups. To honor a friend, a fine tea gift.