Summer Collections - Colors

Published on by Kostas Papatheodorou

Summer Colors is full of color and flavors. It contains everything you need in order to prepare unique iced tea recipes for you, your friends and you better half…

1. Iced tea recipe book. A detailed desciption of 3 ways to prepare iced tea, 28 recipes, simple and complex, as well as ways to sweeten your iced teas (you can't imagine how simple yet with amazing results!).

2. 4 summer teas. We choose for you 4 varieties that make amazing iced teas. Packed in tea caddies (100gr pina colade, 100gr rooibos orange-ginger, 100gr peachapricot black tea, 100gr strawberry-orange green tea). Try them our, create your own and enjoy unique tea based beverages!

3. Tea timer: A must have in order to prepare the perfect tea. Never miss a second and always enjoy the perfect result.

4. 2 thermoses. Bamboo on the outside and stainless steel on the inside, they are made to keep your iced tea cool for hours...and yes they also include 2 filters if you want to prepare your tea inside them. They have colored lids, blue-green and pink. Our summer apart from great flavors needs a lot of color also!

Connoisseur's Collection - Summer Colors includes everything you need for a cool summer!